Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday 5th June, 2010

Ahoy, it is siesta time here in Spain on a beautiful Saturday. Lisa and I just finished our experimental lunch of fried/cooked eggplant. It turned out alright. Some modifications for next time, but certainly edible. This morning was very relaxing with a stroll down to the "red market" (called so because the building is red), followed by an easy spin with some folks, now the relaxing lunch with my wife, and this afternoon/evening some relaxing with the wife out and about the town. I think perhaps we are going to take the green tour trolley that rolls from the stone bridge. It does some tour around the old town of Girona, so Lisa and I think it would be fun to take the adventure.
The weather here has been pretty nice. It is quite warm and sunny, but a bit humid. Nothing compared to what the midwest is like in the height of summer, but coming from NM where it is dry, this is certainly a change and a bit painful to get used to. Sleeping is the worst. We finally broke down and bought a space a/c unit for the bedroom, just to help with the sleeping. Last night was the first time we used it and holy cow was it nice. We used the comforter!
Training is going alright. I took several days easy after Belgium to ward off any sickness that might try to ravage my body again like after Romandie. My rides since then have been pretty good, but the legs certainly feel a little blocked up. I think it is just a lack of real use. I am going to have a nice little training block this week before I have to head to Nashville, TN for 48 hours for a Nissan sponsor event, then when I return, I will take on a good load in preparation for Tour of Austria in July. Hoping to come into good form there and really test myself.
Ok, it is time to go have fun on the town with my best friend (my wife)! Ciao Ciao.

Picture 1: Muah, waiting to buy some stuff at the market
Picture 2: My cute wife walking through the market, pulling our shopping cart
Picture 3: Us enjoying time together at the market, so nice!


Cindy said...

Looks fun! Smart move to get the ac unit.

Anonymous said...

Now that Emily is a Norseman (or should it be Norsewoman) we got the Luther ALUMNI Magazine for the first time. Wow , what a GREAT article and cover. I couldn't wait to call your folks and your mom suggested to blog you.
We have enjoyed hearing your progress from your parents and other articles but this was a nice summary of you as a person not just the athlete. We pray for your continued success and health. May God be with you and Lisa always,
Keep it rolling,
Brian Davis and family