Thursday, May 27, 2010

Belgium Round 2

Not much different to report after yesterday's first experience. The pace is still fast, the roads twisty, the road furniture everywhere, the riders unpredictable and seemingly sketchy/skidish. Today's race played out a bit more predictably with a break going eventually (took about 45 minutes) and Lotto setting tempo all day until it was time to bring them back.
I was monitoring the front for the beginning and was able to stick my nose in it a bit. I covered several moves and followed a lot of wheels trying to make sure RS was represented in any big move that went. I made one big (and unnecessary) dig a while into the opening action. There were three guys about 100m up the road coming out of a few corners and I for some reason felt RS should be represented or that the break was "dangerous". Absolutely unfounded and neo-pro, so I launched off after them. I made the gap without much effort actually, but was somewhat wondering why I had done it because without that, the break was probably set and things would have calmed. I think Lotto wasn't taking the chance on RS riders though and other teams weren't happy not being in the break and it came back. Ah well, live and learn.
Learning is what I am doing here actually. Although I am well into the racing season, it is a different breed of racing here and learning to find your way on the road is completely different. Of course things here are a bit different because there are only 5 or 6 pro teams; the rest are amateur Belgian teams and amateur riders. The field is a bit more chaotic and less calm. Whatever, provides for good learning. I just hope to make it through tomorrow with the rubber side down, then I feel like the TT can be good and the day in the Ardennes will make a selection itself, which hopefully I will be a part of. Ok, good for now.


Cindy said...

I watched the race today. Holy cow!!! Road furniture is an understatement. I found it entertaining to watch guys riding on the sidewalk and on the opposite side of the median. I was not aware you were also racing cyclocross! Yikes!

garrett said...

holy smokes you're not kidding, belgium is crazy. i have to deal with the 'craziness' of snake alley this weekend. yay!


Trevor Rockwell said...

Sounds like you are having fun. You made the cover of the Luther Allumni Mag. for the Spring. Love reading your updates. Hope life is good in Europe w/Lisa now there too. Later


David R. said...

Nice Job in the TT and thanks for keeping us updated