Friday, April 9, 2010

I take it back...

Ok, this is not a race update entirely. I will do that later, but more a cycling life update: I AM SICK OF EATING! Yes, this guy who posted not so long ago that I discovered I have an obsession with anything food, no longer is feeling that obsession. When you're racing, you have to consume so much food to stay as close to your energy expenditure as possible, that you get sick of eating. Sounds crazy right?
Imagine waking up, eating a big bowl of cereal, some pastries/croissants, maybe some rice/pasta, eggs, toast and having coffee, tea or juice. Trying to let that settle before a race, then during the race eating mini pastry cakes, energy bars and gels, and drinking sports drink, water, and coke to try and stay fueled. This consumption all while giving an effort necessary to stay in the race, meaning at some points you are dragging your tongue on your handlebars. Oh and after the oxygen returns to your brain you have to remember to eat/drink.
Then immediately after the race drinking recovery drink, more water, maybe a flavored water for something different. Then getting to the hotel, forcing yourself to walk to the food room and eat rice cakes, granola bars, cereal, anything. Now get a massage. Then maybe in an hour going for dinner and eating salad, pasta/rice, and chicken/beef. Constantly eating. I used to think I enjoyed eating, but right now I can't even think of enjoying a plate of fine mexican food: that is the definition of me being done with food. Adios.


Shane C. said...

Man!! The way I eat, I could be a pro!! ;)
Stay safe, thanks for the updates.

ZiaVelo Racing Club said...

Hopefully, you can find some nice ice cream/custard to change the eating experience.