Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad Habits

Ok, so this is a less than ideal time to be writing, but here I am! It is 23:20 right now, meaning it is way too late for me to be awake, but I find it way easy to stay awake this late in Europe vs. the US. It is weird. I did want to offer a quick update though and will write more details soon.
I am back in Girona now. I left the US on Sunday 21st March and arrive in Barcelona at 800 on 22nd March. Suitcase arrived accordingly, but two bikes did not. They arrived today thankfully; that is a whole other story! Weather here is alright. I have run some errands and discovered my true addiction to anything relating to food: more explanation to follow soon. Missing my wife horribly. Really hoping she can work something out with schooling so we can be together over here, although I know it is not easy and requires even more sacrifices than she is already making. This is not the easiest lifestyle! On another wife note, she is CRAZY. Long story short, she ran 2 HOURS 14 minutes today, totaling something like 16 miles. And not on the road; it was on hard, rocky, undulating trails. Way to go Lisa!
Alright off to bed for me. Waking up tomorrow and assembling my bicycle hoping it made it through safely. I hope to get out for a nice ride tomorrow and open my legs up. I haven't ridden in 3 days, yikes! Then who knows. Good night!

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Hip said...

Assemble your own bike? Bah...you should have 'people' for that!

--Hip in Tosa