Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stupid Internet!

It was a little more media today before the training and then some good training and a little relaxing. We had action shots on our bikes in race clothing before training. We rode down to the sidewalk area in front of the shops and restaurants on the beach/coast of the Mediterranean and did one pass through with our game face on in the drops, standing up (showing off our guns) for the camera man. It was pretty easy and not too burdensome.
After that we went for our training. Today we started as one group again and went for almost 2 hours before we split into three groups to work on some pace lining. The groups were the race teams for the upcoming races. My team was Brajkovic, Rovny, Hermans, Selander, Horner, Lequarte, Muravyev and me. Having never ridden with these guys before I was not sure what to expect in a pace line situation, but it was totally seamless and smooth. We worked very well together and rolled a great pace for the three 20 minute efforts we did. It was actually quite fun. At one point, we caught the first team on the road and made it into a little bit of competition passing them, only to have them pass us toward the end of the interval. We all hopped on together for those last couple minutes and were hauling on this road through the valley. It was a good time.
Upon our return home, it has been the same old stuff: cafeteria, coffee, computer time. The computer time is most frustrating because everyone wants to be on at the same time, which jams the wireless, making it either super slow or not work at all, even with FULL signal. It is so frustrating when you are trying to check email, chat with people, blog, Skype, etc. Oh well. Back to trying to get the internet to work!

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