Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Update

Hello hello. Little time here, but a quick update on the racing. Yesterday was the longest day of 206km with climbing for the first 130km and the last 40-50km flat and fast, easy to sit in. I finished with the group, but due to a couple guys sitting up right at the end, I received a time penalty. Not a big deal, but more lessons learned. I was tentative for sure on the run in because it was my first field sprint at this level; honestly, not all that much different, at least in the back seat where I was.

Today was another long stage of 181km with two significant climbs near the end. It was very windy all day, but thankfully it never got crazy in the cross winds and it was really manageable. Our goal was to keep Chris and Jani safe before the last climb and then let them go to work. The last climb ended up not being crazy hard though and the attacks never really came to fruition. It was a run in to the line and I was near the front this time. I was certainly going on the limit at some points when it was all strung out, but good experience for sure. I don't know if I will ever be a field sprinter though, not really my cup of tea.

Tomorrow a short, mostly flat 140ish kilometers along the southern coast of the island. A day for the sprinters for sure. After the stage we have a 220KM transfer to the north coast for Sunday's race. Not looking forward to the transfer. Alright, that is all from here. There are many pictures of the race posted on cycling news, maybe velonews and a few of beautiful quality on; Check them out. Later!


David R. said...

Congrats on being happy with your finish. It sounds like the Las Cruces winds have benefited your training for this race (remember the Cruces crab -- with head hunched down and hands clutched over the brakehoods).

Hopefully, you get some rest next week and find some Salsa


Eric said...

Thanks for all your updates. Keep rocking and keep learning.

skildum said...

I love reading your blog- you're a great writer and captivate the beginnings of a thrilling career really well! Keep on ROCKING it out and can't wait to see you this spring!


Rico said...

Great blog posts Flip. If you think the weather is questionable for riding in Europe, you ought to be back here in Iowa! In all honesty, it's starting to melt; which produces that ugly black racing stripe up the back that's plays hell when doing laundry.
Go Norse!