Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Fired Already

Not really, but it did feel that way a bit today because I was not allowed to do the complete ride with the team. The directors told me to only ride 3 hours today as a matter of my health. They are doing the right thing and making sure I do not over do it as a young rider, but it is still tough to take that advice when you want to be out there improving. Nonetheless, this shorter ride today will help me recover from my jet-leg, as well as keep me under control as riding with these more experienced and seasoned riders can make it easy to over train. Tomorrow we have a rest day and then the rest of camp I am allowed to take on the full training load, so I am hoping to be on track to have a great week of training.
Other than this happening, I really have nothing new to report. I have been relaxing this afternoon since training just sending emails, having a cup of coffee and uploading pictures. Later!


Jeramey said...

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Way to represent Wisconsin. Keeping blogging, loving the updates.

Hip said...

They know best. The last thing you need is a nagging injury from too much too soon. Coffee's pretty strong over there huh? Try the hot's like pudding!